Work With Coach

Typical Session – Eileen will observe the player performing in those areas highlighted as areas to work on. From that I build a plan to improve consistency, speed and technique. A profile will be filled out prior to the session to identify areas needed to work on.

  • 5 Mins Warm-up / Stretch
  • 10 Mins Observation in areas highlighted by player/parent
  • 15 Mins Breakdown of concern areas. These may include shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense just to name a few. Begin with form, technique, body positioning
  • 15 Mins Drills to build consistency
  • 10 Mins Live Game Situations to apply breakdown/drills
  • 5 Mins Stretching – Go over “homework” for next session


  • Individual Session (1 hr) = $60
  • Individual Session (5 Sessions @ 1hr) = $275
  • Team Session (2 hrs) = $500

Sessions are conducted in Western Mass (1 1/2 hours from Boston, 45 mins from Hartford) unless local gym time in your area is secured. If so, you will be charged the IRS Private Automobile Useage rate of $0.445 per mile.
Parents are welcome to stay during the session and may be encouraged to participate if deemed appropriate.