basketball personal coach
Eileen Mastrio coached Sue Bird when she played for the Springfield Spirit!
Teaching Philosophy: I believe in using sports to increase confidence and self esteem first, skills and success second. Commitment to applying oneself and wanting to improve is paramount. Focusing on weaknesses in the off-season will help mold you into a more complete player. It is never too late to adjust form and body positioning if greater consistency, confidence and precision can be gained.

“There is always a player out there who’s doing something better than you. Observe…Learn…Master” -Eileen Mastrio

Eileen Mastrio’s passion for sports started when she was a toddler. She credits her experience in sports for shaping her to be the woman and coach she has become today. Whether you are working as a team, dealing with failure, relishing victory and leading, these are life lessons you lean on every day. Eileen shares her perspectives on coaching and her passion for women to succeed — be they young 3rd graders to Professionals such as UCONN greats Sue Bird, Rebecca Lobo and Kara Wolters.

This was the speech Eileen gave at TEDx Springfield this past December about Kids Passion and Sports entitled: “Creating the Space — For the Passion of the Game”